WEIRDLAND: Beautiful partenaires

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Beautiful partenaires

Let's start this "Beautiful Partenaires" with Marley Shelton, Chloe from "Bubble Boy", an actress who is said to resemble Heather Graham, I'd add Vanessa Paradis and Mena Suvari, whom she worked with in "Sugar and Spice":

She was the crush of Jimmy Livingstone... and mine. I remember one anonymous who asked me if they dated, but although Jaked gushed over Marley during DVD commentary (as usual in his), they were just posing together in the Hollywood premiere of the film.
Now some stills of Marley from another two films hers: "Sin City" (she was "The Customer" in the beginning gunfiring scene) and she was Nixon's daughter Tricia in "Nixon".


countsheep said...

I loved "Sin city" and "Nixon", but "Sugar and Spice" was too predictable, Marley rivalled in beauty with Mena Suvari, though.

Simon Agent 002 said...

Wow to see those pics from Nixon is amazing....she looks very much the part here.

Kendra said...

Yes, Simon, her characterization was very good for the film. I guess Oliver Stone was obsessed with the scenario realism of the 70's time.