WEIRDLAND: Jake Weird Vintage 2

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jake Weird Vintage 2

CONFUSSION AND HOPE BLURRED LINE, wow I was really ill and fevered when this crossed my mind. I passed through a hellish convalescence, I contracted two throat infections and a dermatomycosis, I was suministrated more than 20 Penilevel and Celestone injections, then all complicated indefinitely with a Epstein-Barr virus, which provoked me, and still it does, chronic fatigue, yeah, I didn't feel very optimistic by then. This suffering was prolongued with some nasty pyramidal effects resulting from mixing Dogmatil with Lyrica/Pfizer (for neurologic regeneration), and I ended, together my boyfriend our anniversary night in "ER", with a convulsions attack. I was interned for a week in Zaragoza. I hated the world, as same Holden did in Arteta's film, and my cervical vertebras suffered to the point I barely could swallow any food during more than a month, xerostomia popped up and Xero Lacer was my friend, together antidepressives and muscular relaxing pills. I'm not a whiner, but I just wanted to remember it to myself, because I'm a tough girl (not really), a ballsy person (neither)... a routine survivor, or just a poor schmock, as Kokodee called me.


specialcracker said...

Sorry about reading so many hard times you've lived. I suppose, Kendra that this blog can give you a moral and therapeutical boost, we all value you. Don't give up and keep bloggin!

Kendra said...

Thanks, specialcracker. You see, they say it's life, c'est la vie, así es la vida, etc. but you know what, they're wrong.