WEIRDLAND: Our American Cowboy

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Our American Cowboy


"From the rolling hills of Texas,
To the high Montana plains,
Came a man who herded cattle,
Through the sun, deep snow and rains,

A man as tough as leather,
Long before Gene and Roy,
A hero of this great nation,
The American Cowboy

A man who forded rivers,
Rode through many a mountain pass,
To get cattle to the railhead,
and to keep 'em on good grass,

Rode across this western nation,
In winter, spring, summer and fall,
The Great American Cowboy,
Folks', I'd say he's done it all,

The cowboy is a major part,
Of why this country's free,
He stands for what this country is,
With pride and integrity,

The real cowboy is honest,
He knows what's wrong from right,
He stands for good, and God above,
He won't back down from a fight,

Now, the cowboy, he won't cut and run,
He'll dang sure stand his ground,
Whether it be beast or storm or common man,
To the western code he's bound,

Get ready folks', he's comin' back,
It sure fills my heart with joy,
To see a total resurrection,
Of the American Cowboy...."

© 2005, T. J. Casey


Linna said...

Beautiful! Poem and picture alike - and, of course - especially combined!

Kendra said...

Thanks, linna, Jake seems really handsome as a cowboy.