WEIRDLAND: Vintage Woman of Jake?

Friday, August 25, 2006

Vintage Woman of Jake?

And what would Jake Weird be without the "pristine" presence of Miss Kirsten Dunst? She has been Jake's most important relationship until today. And I like her. Very Much. Haters can go fug themselves.


The Bearded Lady said...

....runs off to go fug herself....

Kendra said...

I understand that you don't like her as an actress. Me, scarcely I stand her in big/small screen, but I admire her talent being Kirsten, if that makes some sense.

Anonymous said...

She can be a pretty girl, like in these photos. In candids, it's another story...

Anonymous said...

tbl, I will join you! I'm not a Kirsten hater, really. I just think she's awfully lucky in a profession with a 96% unemployment rate. And she won't age well.

Kendra said...

To anon 7:26, well, three of the pics are candids, I suppose you meant "paparazzi photos".

Kendra said...

Me, scarcely I stand her in big/small screen
Did I say that? I meant sometimes cant's stand a whole performance of her in a film, forgive me, Kiki.

The Bearded Lady said...

Ok I'll try to explain myself.
Kirsten as an actress I've only seen 3 films one where she was a Cheerleader and parts of Mona Lisa Smile, Spyderman.
I don't have a negitive view of her acting...she's not a terrible actress.
But would I compare her to Meyrl Streep? No.

Now on to why I'm not too fond of her.

Crimes against Jake: lol

1) Told magazines about their public sex romps in London. why?
2)In so far as we are to believe gossip teen mags she dumped him more than once.
3) after she rejected him,and a possible marriage proposal ,she still toyed with his affections by flirting with him at the Ocsars after Jarhead, when he was all beefed up. Re-establishing their relationship only to dump him again.
4)Even to this date she still blabs about their relationship...when asked about Jake she said she didn't want to talk about it...then said general nice things about him (to the effect he is a special great guy)...but when pushed on why no longer together...she says "he wasn't on my team" a cryptic remark...thanks so much Dunst!
5) I came across a autograph of hers on the was too cute , like a valley girl and a 12 yr old one at that...a little heart over the "D" in Dunst. (sick bag please)
6) there are rumors she was fooling around with another star's husband in a trailer on set...while she was with Jake. if I recall correctly it was Julia Roberts husband at the time (unproven tho)

I think most of Jake's girlfriends pursued him...and in Kirsten's case when she was bored, she was done...
7)She has no problem hooking up with the guy that filmed his own sex session with Paris Hilton and put it out on the internet for money.
She's not worthy of Jake in my opinion...whatever the real reason, Austin...what ever...
I'm sorry he was so hung up on her.
This is why I'm not crazy about her, or wish them together again...
Even tho I'll agree Jake looked and seemed the happiest when they were together.
I don't really know what went on between them, but what I do, and have heard, turns me off to her.

Kendra said...

Tbl, that's like 7 post wrapped in one, but my 2 cents are (battle of rumours, of course):

1)It's possible that Kiki confounds a "liberated" woman with bragging about her sexual deeds.

2)It's possible that she wasn't 100% sure about true feelings of Jake, or her own ones neither. Do you remember movies female characters who break before their bfs do, like in Jerry Maguire?

3)I've seen pictures on the IHJ gallery when both coincided in Vanity fair party, and he didn't seemed very enthralled of her company. In one photo he walks away while Kiki adjust her shoe.

4)I read in a different explanation of their breakup. I have to find it. Anyway, it's true that she had played more popular movies than him in those times.
About several break-ups I read this in
"The romance between Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal finally appears to be hitting the skids.

"Jake is looking for a way out," a source close to the Tinseltown couple tells Star People. "He says he's getting tired of Kirsten's constant partying, and I think he regrets getting involved with her again."

And Jake, who first dated her from late 2002 through July 2004, has killed Kirsten's idea of moving in together, the source says.

"They're definitely heading for a breakup. Jake is sick of hearing about Kirsten flirting with other guys."

Making matters worse, Kirsten, 23, hasn't been returning Jake's phone calls while she's on a promotional tour for her movie Elizabethtown, the source says. When she finally did, it was at 4 a.m., leaving miffed Jake, 24, to tell her to go to bed already.

Then again, maybe Kirsten is pushing him away for a reason. Another source tells Star People, "Kirsten seems to be seriously contemplating revisiting her relationship with Tobey Maguire [30]. Kirsten's been waxing nostalgic about Tobey, and I think she sees their reunion on Spider-Man 3 as a chance to see if there are still sparks." Her rep denies she has the hots for Tobey, adding that they're "just friends."

5)Omg, my bf saved this picture after lhao saying the same.

6)He flirted with Ellen Pompeo and a bit with Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Aniston, too.

7)Rick Solomon is a nasty human being, all Paris Hilton gang are, and although Kiki went out with Nicole Richie for a while, I don't consider Kirsten so frivoulous. She uses to hang with her long term girlfriends and do normal things.

The Bearded Lady said...

It's possible that Kiki confounds a "liberated" woman with bragging about her sexual deeds.

I don't know? I suspect she wanted to boost her own or Jake's image as a sex symbols.
(tacky no class)

"she wasn't 100% sure about true feelings of Jake"
Yeah I guess so, but wouldn't you hesitate to renew a relationship with someone that was crazy for you...when your own feelings were uncertain? wouldn't you be afraid of hurting someone?

"He flirted with Ellen Pompeo and a bit with Emmy Rossum and Jennifer Aniston, too."

I don't know what you have read? but I say it was very harmless mild(no stories of him in trailers doing the deed lol)

Rick Solomon- Yes, right. and she publicly dated him after his scandal...I'm no Paris fan, but he wasn't a class act by far either.

Who knows? perhaps the whole Kirsten & Jake relationship was a arranged hollywood thing for the public consumption...who knows?
Perform when the camera's are on?

I suppose we'll never know for certain what went on between them....but I'm very cool to her. and maybe I'm not being fair? but when Jake is concerned you'd better be a saint! LOL :)

Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

perhaps the whole Kirsten & Jake relationship was a arranged hollywood thing for the public consumption...who knows?
Perform when the camera's are on?

That possibility is terryfing, because if had turned into a kinda fake relationship décor, then it only wouldn't bad for Kirsten, for a fan of Jake would be an eye-opener in the worst sense, don't you think?

Kendra said...

I'm a bit clumsy with the spelling today, sorry. I meant that a montage this sort "not only" it would produce a bigger anger towards Kirsten (many people call her not very kind names), it would stand for some fans of Jake a possibility of him not being so sincere.

Kendra said...

Well, I forgot to paste fanforum article:

"Everything wonderful you say and you think about Jake is absolutely true. He's an amazing man. What makes it so complicated is that I don't think this is the end of our story. Maybe someday it will workout, but I can't see that being for quite some time. Jake was the love of my life. He was, is, and always will be. But I'm so young, he's so young. I just keep thinking how young we are. I'm still completely connected to him and we are friends, which is fantastic. It's just that, right now, both of us have stuff we need to go through and it's important, especially now, for me to be on my own."-Kirsten Dunst (Elle, Sept 2004)

The Bearded Lady said...

No because he wants to act...and if for public consumption he was to pretend to be something He's not? What's the crime?
He doesn't owe anyone his personal life. He's an actor, he's all about image and fantasy...success in that field depends on popularity.(*see Tom Cruise*)
It's really a recent trend to ask actors and actresses about their sex lifes...
Why is it our business? does it change their acting? would I continue to believe him as a leading man if I thought he was gay?
Perhaps this relationship worked to both their public advantage?...I don't think he would take Kirsten into such an arrangment unknowingly. (if that's the case).
There are 2 versions of how he won the role in Jarhead....the director: Jake was desperate for the role called me late at night begging for it.
Jake in a later British interview: I pretended to want it desperately to win the part...part of the "game"...not direct quotes but that was the gist of the story.
Stars have a image to maintain...Do you think they would volunteer negitive or career harming info about themselfves for the sake of honesty? about something that has nothing to do with their acting?
Would you condemn someone who lied about their age to win a job?...if you knew by being honest they would be rejected? If you lived in the Soviet Union and by lying you undid some wrong or injustice of the government would you condemn the person who scored a victory against an evil system?
Not so black and white to me....
His sex life is the business of himself and who he's involved with...I wouldn't give a shit what the rest of the world believed. And it wouldn't trouble me too much if the public believed a fantasy instead of reality to pursue my art.
Maybe none of this applies to him, I hope for his sake that's the case as it would be hell to live a lie.
That's one reason I hate WFT because it's endless ridicule and cruel. and all in the name of being "open minded"
Look if he wanted to reveal himself gay he had many opportunities during scores of interviews and he didn't. So either he's streight as he's said.
Or he doesn't want to share his personal life.
Who am I to blame him or feel it's my duty to out him? in this world?

The Bearded Lady said...

^^The last post was inresponse to @7:30

Now about me a romantic...but I believe when you are truly in love you have no doubts, and are at peace with the relationship.
If you have doubts, then perhaps you are with the wrong person and it won't go the distance.

Kendra said...

Interesting and most important, sincere speech act, Tbl.
I couldn't imagine the countless horrors that inhabitate WFT pages when one day I had the guts to browse it. I think I was the only person that found its miserable sensationalist games cruel and stupid. Now I see there are still decent people out there... I think Jake didn't fake his relationship with Kirsten (so many arranged photos acting all through? nah), I think it's more a case of two really beautiful persons tempted with flirting in Hollywood with others and afraid of compromising. Of course, I don't mind his sexual choices, but I preferred him as someone that was straightforward, part of his appeal for me lies in his supposed naturalness, as same his father Stephen, and if he faked his love to Kirsten, I'd get disappointed. I miss those golden HW times with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

The Bearded Lady said...

Kendra ,
Your right I don't really believe he faked his feelings for Kirsten.

The Bearded Lady said...

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.
They are exceptions in HW even in their own generation.
Most of Paul & Joanne's contemporaries in Hollywood were married a number of times.

Kendra said...

Hollywood has always been like a flirts swapping Vienna Prater big wheel, lol.