WEIRDLAND: Combative poetry

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Combative poetry

"The sky glows bright and soldiers panic,
Grenades and shells, an atmosphere manic.
Death and destruction lie scattered around,
The “Great and the Good” now a corpse on the ground.

But then those who lived though it, not as they began,
Changed so abruptly by the blood of a man.
Political veil lifted clean from their eyes,
To see War’s one true essence, reprieve and reprise.

People are different, be it colour or creed,
Motivation the same, mostly power and greed.
Celebrate the difference of what your “friend” says
Don’t try to force on him your righteous ways.

For an end of these days of destructive defiance
For a time we create one “Human Alliance”
Working together, not pulling apart
To realise the vision, open your heart.

Change is ongoing, but it’s direction we choose,
This is the battle that we must not loose.
Move from the view of our own nation state
Adapt, become one world…before it’s too late."

(poem courtesy by Ged aka Afterthedarkness, published previously in Jake Watch Messageboard)


gr77 said...

amazing poem.there really are no "good" reasons to go to war!!

Kendra said...

Ged is becoming a Jake's bard. I'm very happy that he lets me publish them here.

ATD said...


Thanks for the kind words, although I think I’m far from any kind of Bard!
As it’s now past midnight – Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one.

Kendra said...

THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HAPPY B-DAY RETURNS, ATD!!, I'll blow out my cake candles and I'll have you in my mind!