WEIRDLAND: Get Inside Jake's Pants

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Get Inside Jake's Pants

There is a new bid online for Jake, this time specifically for his wardrobe that he wore while performed in "Brokeback Mountain" as Jack Twist.

"If you ever wanted the shirt off Jake Gyllenhaal's back, you're in luck.

Jake's outfit from "Brokeback Mountain" will be up for grabs at a live auction on Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign's 10th Annual Dinner in Washington, D.C.

From October 13-20, the entire wardrobe from the Oscar-winning movie will be up for bid in an online auction on the e-commerce site

Items like cowboy boots, jeans and hats worn by Jake, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams will be available, with proceeds benefiting the Human Rights Campaign, which is the nation's largest gay rights organization."

Extracted from Source TMZ site.

When will they stop teasing us in this shamelessly bankrupting way, folks? If I could I'd choose Jake's belt and cowboy hat.


gr77 said...

"Get Inside Jake's Pants"..sounds good to me :p

Kendra said...

It's how TMZ staff have titled their article: "Get Inside Jake Gyllenhaal's Pants" -what a vicious gang- but I'd be satisfied getting inside his boots.

The Bearded Lady said...

I think the idea should be to relieve him of his pants.
But really so many have reduced him to a mere sex symbol a piece of meat...
I love his eyes and his goofy nerdy sweet soul...the rest can rummage thru his underware!

Kendra said...

Yes, Tbl, his underwear for his objectifiers, his soul for us ;)

ATD said...

Ah yes TBL, the eye’s… and that wonderful soul, the pure essence of Gyllenhaal. To love and respect these qualities is indeed a noble quest.

It’s just that with that statement of “Get inside Jake Gyllenhaal’s Pants” or even “relieve him of his pants!”, well I like most am weak.

Not a quality of which I am proud, but who am I trying to kid – I may not be proud, but I’d sure as hell by happy!

Kendra said...

A quote dedicated to Atd:
"What he had yearned to embrace was not the flesh but a downy spirit, a spark, the impalpable angel that inhabits the flesh. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, "Wind, Sand and Stars" (1939), translated from French by Lewis Galantière.

ATD said...

Oh Kendra, that was beautiful. Thank you. Whilst Jake does have the most stunning looks, it has always been the man he is that has inspired me.

Autumnal Aspiration:

Starlight dances across the ground as the autumn nights do fall;
A vision made more perfect by our muse, Jake Gyllenhaal.

His starlight shines from deep within through eyes of vivid blue;
Windows to an older soul, but a heart that’s young and true.

An acting man who plays a role, not real - just a veil created;
But many causes the man supports and he should be rightly celebrated.

To find such honour in one so young, it’s rare and that’s the truth;
I’m sad to say it’s something I was lacking in my youth.

So Jake you see that whilst it’s true, your body we desire;
It’s more than that my moral friend, to your persona we aspire.

Kendra said...

But, Atd, it's a creation out of love yours, I think it deserves to be posted as a single poetic entry! Jake Weirdos can read in its Limerick thread of JW Messageboard thanks, Atd ;)