WEIRDLAND: Happy Birthday to Ramona!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to Ramona!

"Maggie Gyllenhaal and fiance Peter Sarsgaard are officially proud parents! Maggie gave birth to her first daughter late Tuesday, a source close to the Gyllenhaal family confirmed [...]

Maggie and Peter decided to name their daughter Ramona Sarsgaard. Ramona was born around 8PM at a NYC hospital.
This is the first child for Maggie, 28, and Peter, 35".

Sources: Cantara via Jake Watch Exclusive,
Just Jared and AHN.

RAMONA is a Spanish name, aside the popular Beverley Cleary's comics heroine Ramona Quimby, and one of the most emblematic records of "Throwing Muses" band leaded by Kristin Hersh: The Real Ramona, a legendary album in the alternative music.

"Two Step, Behind the Rest,
One Fingertip too long
A Hole, A Hole in the Box they carry,
Pours Sugar in the Road
Pours Dimes in Diamond Jim,
Two Months to fill Him in A Hole..."

"TWO STEP" song by "Throwing Muses" for their "THE REAL RAMONA" (1991) album.

On a related note, I sent my baby-postcard a week ago to the tender The Sarsgaals "Great Expectations" project, I hope they liked it so much as I enjoyed doing it, I'm proud that my good wishes baby postcard is added to this welcoming book which will be delivered to Judy Sarsgaard, Peter's mother. Congratulations to the whole family Gyllenhaal & Sarsgaard and the little new Gyllenhaals member RAMONA from KENDRA and JAKE WEIRD.

This is really one of the best Birthday presents that I could have imagined of receiving today because yes, folks, in case you don't know TOMORROW it's my OWN BIRTHDAY, too!! Ramona and me will share almost technically many happy birthdays from now on.
And now newly grandfather Stephen Gyllenhaal also shares his birthday with me, I'm feelind kinda giddy realising I was born the same day, 4th October, than Stephen Gyllenhaal and hours after than Ramona. Just too much, folks!!


jacknastygirl said...

Hey, Kendra! Happy Birthday!
Greeting Many Happy Returns of this day for you and for all of us.

penny lane said...

Congratulations to Maggie and Peter and the rest of the Gyllenhaals. Hope little Ramona will bring much love and happiness into their life. Nothing feels like bringing home your first-born child - the strangest feeling!

Kendra said...

It must be an indescriptible feeling having a child with the person you love, thanks jacknastygirl and Penny Lane.

gr77 said...

ramona is a lovely name!!
congrats to maggie and peter!!