WEIRDLAND: Jake's Autumn Poem

Friday, October 06, 2006

Jake's Autumn Poem


"Starlight dances across the ground as the autumn nights do fall;
A vision made more perfect by our muse, Jake Gyllenhaal.

His starlight shines from deep within through eyes of vivid blue;
Windows to an older soul, but a heart that’s young and true.

An acting man who plays a role, not real - just a veil created;
But many causes the man supports and he should be rightly celebrated.

To find such honour in one so young, it’s rare and that’s the truth;
I’m sad to say it’s something I was lacking in my youth.

So Jake you see that whilst it’s true, your body we desire;
It’s more than that my moral friend, to your persona we aspire. "

(published previously in Jake Watch Messageboard, courtesy of Afterthedarkness)

Hey, Tobey, sorry but this poem is dedicated to Jakey, although you look cute wrapped in brown leaves as Jake.


g said...

lovely poem..and very true!!

about tobey..i think he's cute and a good actor, but seems to have only a couple facial expressions :p

Kendra said...

I hear you, g, welcome to Weirdland! expression of Tobey the hurt puppy and the wide-eyed innocent Tobey. In both he usually is sexy, so we don't have more choice than celebrating his moderate expressive range.

jacknastygirl said...

how you can resist Tobey...hahaha look at his eyes it's priceless

Kendra said...

Hello, jackgirl, you're a newbie too in Weirdland! Btw, your lema "I do not want you to like me." of your blog "Land of the fairies" cracks me up. Tobey's eyes always hipnotize, his glance is softer than Jake's.

thesweetestone said...

Tobey is very cute and unique, second best eyes after jakes...
But isnt quite as gorgeous.....

gr77 said...

actually,"g" was me ,gr77,i made a foolish mistake typing my username :p

Kendra said...

But isnt quite as gorgeous

No, but he will become a gorgeous new daddy ;)

So, gr77, we have a double or split personality case here, no wonder this is named Weirdland ;p

gr77 said...

you bet, kendra!! i'm a total weirdo :p