WEIRDLAND: Maggie's Rencontre

Friday, October 20, 2006

Maggie's Rencontre

Yesterday Jake and Maggie had a chance encounter for a drink at Industria Superstudio bar, Maggie looked angry at photographers but she has recovered her slim figure very quickly after giving birth. Another beautiful Jake's pal sitting in a tabouret, Natalie Portman in a bar a few years aago.


penny lane said...

My God, Maggie losing all that weight in such a short time!!
Always nice to see them together.

jacknastygirl said...

Kendra, I feel really guilty watching these paparazzi pics because of that "babygate" little scandal, but on the other hand there is no escape, we just have to see them!
Jake looks perfect as always and I'm very happy to see that Maggie looks good too! Those baby-things are worse than anybody can imagine, you can't sleep well...I like what Armstrong said on being gay: “We tried it. Wasn’t for us,” - isn't it just hilarious?

gr77 said...

i feel very guilty looking at pap pics too, but like jacknastygirl said there is no escaping them!!
i can't imagine though how it'd be to be costantly photographed everytime you leave home.

jng said...

I have to say that it's very hard to live being watched all the time - it can even cause mental disorder
But on the other hand movie stars should to learn how to live in the public eye, because in fact there is no escape for them

Kendra said...

I agree with you about guilt feeling, but I'd punctualize that only in some harsh situations of persecution I tend to feel for them (referring to Gyllenhaal clan). I think we all working people have to suffer undesirable consequences in our day-to-day and we're not whining on talk show how difficult is to cope with paps while we are admired onscreen by millions people. In the case of Gyllenhaals it's easier sympathize with their reasons, since they haven't gotten their fame for scandal exposure or tricky attention behaviour, but even they must understand nobody can't escape out this world.

gr77 said...

you have a point,kendra

Kendra said...

Oh, that comment from Mr. Armstrong, jacknastygirl, about Matthew Mc&%@$# and Jake not being gay... the "We tried it" part is funny.

Simon Agent 002 said...

Hi Kendra, How are you doing kid?
I'm slowly recovering from the emotional turmoil of the last few days.

as for Jake which I'm tring not to look at believe it or not? I'm happy for him.
I hope he doesn't have to accept this level of attention in his life forever, that he finds some time any peace away from cameras. that NY could be the sort of place he could go about his life without being studied and his every move documented.

and as for Armstrong? now I want to know who he tried it with? dirty mind I have!
maybe he just had a bad experience?

XXOO Simon

penny lane said...

I admit I will look at the pap pictures but I have not opened any pap video of Jake since I saw that one (and only pap video I had seen up till then) of Jake leaving that nightclub the night of the Golden Globes. What sickened me was what the guy was saying, trying to edge him on. I thought that was disgusting.

Anyway, do look at this video of Jake accepting the HRC award in February. It is his full acceptance speech and not the couple of seconds you saw in that one video a while ago. It is worth watching; he is his usually charming self and sounds very warmhearted.

Here's the link

Kendra will no doubt be able to make the link work!

Simon Agent 002 said...

Kendra, I'm told it's posted at IHJ so thats where I plan on trying to download it next.
So don't go to any trouble making a link...I can make the link now...(thanks to your clear instrutions!) so give me a few mins and I'll post one here! for you. ;)

Kendra said...

^^Ok, Simon. Download it and make the link after ;)

Simon Agent 002 said...

Human Rights Campaign Award video Jake gyllenhaal

I hope it works ...I found I needed to hit the save to file button in order to download and then play...

You might have tissues handy as you watch, he's touching...emotionally, I mean....tissues for your eyes!....understand? :)

Kendra said...

Thanks for the video, Simon, and for the warning, the tissues are required.

Simon Agent 002 said...

I was trying sadly to make a naughty joke dear. :)

But I suppose the tissue thing maybe more a guy kind-a-thing.

But in all seriousness he sure can convey being deeply moved....Damn actor he is!!!....stop playing with my affections Mr. Gyllenhaal ...learn some ungracious rude? something? your not helping me to get the hell over you.

I guess it's best not to look? what else to do?

Kendra said...

Naughty boy, Simon ;)