WEIRDLAND: Moonlight Mile Interview

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Moonlight Mile Interview


"RM: You had actually met Jake Gyllenhaal prior to being cast opposite him. Can you talk about that meeting?

EP: I had. Very quickly on the street, [we] just sort of said hi to each other. It was an awkward sort of flirtatious moment.

RM: Were you flirting with him or was he flirting with you?

EP: I think we were both flirting with each other (laughing).

RM: What do you think your on-screen chemistry will be like, because of that flirtation?

EP: Fantastic, I think.

RM: What does this film have to say about loss?

EP: It has to say that there is life after loss. You can never replace the person, but you can laugh.

RM: Jake seems to have this "It" quality. What is it about him?

EP: He does and I said it 500 times before and I'll say it again, it can't be articulated. Watch the movie and you see it. Watch anything he does and you'll see it.

RM: People have compared him to Dustin Hoffman. Do you see that comparison - a younger version of Dustin Hoffman?

EP: I don't know in what way they are comparing him. Clearly Jake is extremely gifted so in that sense, you could say that both of them are very gifted.

RM: Is there anything you can tell us about Jake that we might not know?

EP: He's a great cook.

RM: Did he cook for you?

EP: Yes he did. Pasta, salad, chocolate chip cookies, anything. He's a great guy. He likes to have fun and he loves to live life."

extracted from an interview to Ellen Pompeo by Rebecca Murray, courtesy of Penny Lane.


gr77 said...

is it me or does jake flirt with everyone?:p
anyway, i like her.most people find her ugly but i think she's very cute

Kendra said...

My boyfriend thinks the same, gr77, says Jake flirts with everybobdy, maybe he can't help being charming, that's good for us, because then he would firt with us, too. We need to be in the right place. And the case of Ellen reminds me of Kirsten Dunst, lots of people who tag her as ugly should think how a girl from a modest family of 6 siblings would star in a movie with Hoffman/Sarandon tandem and now in "Grey's Anatomy" as the lead star without being beautiful?? Just a peculiar beauty same as Kirsten. i.e. I don't find beautiful Jessica Alba, but I would'nt call her ugly, it's stupid.

penny lane said...

Jake obviously loves thin, quirky girls with sort-of messy blond hair...that's something those of us who are not thin or blond can do much about..! And I don't think either Kirsten or Ellen are 'ugly' - they simply are not your classic HW type of beauty.
I love her quote about Jake having that 'something' that is hard to define. So true.

gr77 said...

i think alba's beauty is boring..i prefer more "quirky" faces, like kirsten's or scarlett's

Kendra said...

Yeah, gr77, boring isn't sexy at all!

penny lane said...

ehh... i think I meant to say 'that is something those of us who are not thin or blond, canNOT do much about..!' !

Kendra said...

I am not fat, either thin, but if he would want I could dye my hair back to a platinum gama!

kokodee said...

Thanks, I've never seen that interview.
Jkae the flirt..haha, but that's why we love

Kendra said...

Yes, Kokodee.
“Truth is a great flirt.”- composer Franz Liszt quote.