WEIRDLAND: A very sweet coffe for Jake

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A very sweet coffe for Jake

This brunette chick, identified as a friend, mustn't need too much sugar in her coffee after, eh? Pics by IHJ.


penny lane said...

Without the shades and with
him smiling, you can see some of the 'old' Jake I think!
(Please stop buffing up Jake - enough muscles!!)

Kendra said...

I love the way he plays with his hand in the third picture, Penny Lane. And his warm smile, umm!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting livid out of jealousy. Who's that brunette who holds him tight?

Kendra said...

^^ No idea, but she is a fortunate brunette.

gr77 said...

he is such a sweetheart