WEIRDLAND: Blocking phones

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blocking phones

"Washington, Dec 02: Reese Witherspoon seems determined not to make her divorce proceedings shape up like Britney-Kevin's or Sir Paul-Heather Mills', as she has taken precautionary measures in advance to forbid her estranged husband from slinging any dirt on her.

The Oscar winner has reportedly banned mobile phones on the set of her new film `Rendition` - to stop pictures of her and co-star Jake Gyllenhaal from being taken.

Reese filed for divorce from her husband of seven years Ryan Phillippe last month, and is determined not to be linked to her dashing, single co-star.

"Reese doesn't want any rumours about her and Jake," The Post Chronicle quoted a source, as saying.

However, the actress has apparently been too late in taking this decision, as rumours of her and Jake's budding friendship have already been circulating after the pair were spotted enjoying a lengthy chat.

30-year-old Walk the Line star has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for her split from Ryan, and has asked for custody of the couple's two children - seven-year-old Ava and three-year-old Deacon - but with visitation rights granted to her husband.

Reese has also requested "exclusive use of the family residence" and asked that the court terminate its right to grant Ryan spousal support."
Source: Zee


Simon Agent 002 said...

Wow she is powerful...just think what would happen if she imposed a littering ban?

gr77 said...

there are lots of pap pics of her on the rendition set however (but without jake :p)
by the way, she was at a gala honoring Dolly Parton this week and looked absolutely stunning!!

Kendra said...

Haha, Simon, poor people who work on the set and have the urgency to talk to someone. Cell phoning's anxiety will increase as bad as smoking, due to "dictatorial" Reese!

Yes, gr77, she was pretty at Kennedy Center Honours ceremony. I usually like her outfits a lot.

penny lane said...

For what it's worth, I read today that she and Ryan are re-considering the divorce because their kids are taking it so badly... (As I was saying: for what it's worth..!).

Kendra said...

^^ These are good news, Penny Lane. I wish they go back as couple!