WEIRDLAND: Jake in person

Monday, February 12, 2007

Jake in person

"Jake is more beautiful in real life

He seemed shorter to me

His hair is silkier in real life

He is the most charismatic film star you could ever see

He signed more autographs than anyone else

He was cheered more than anyone else

He hugged Ian McKellern and kissed Helen Mirren

He spent more time on the red carpet than anyone else

He was fully armed with an autograph pen (no one else was)

Jake shone! I'm so proud of our Jake tonight".

from Kate at the Dave Cullen Forum, thanks to Penny Lane.


Anonymous said...

That second picture is gonna make me faint sigh!

penny lane said...

He was absolutely dashing on Sunday. Hard to really pick a favorite from all the gorgeous photos!

Kendra said...

I knew you would appreciate the third picture, Penny Lane.

gr77 said...

how i love to read this girls thoughts on Jake.
he was the star of the night indeed, along with Eva Green