WEIRDLAND: Jake & Kendra In Scene

Monday, February 19, 2007

Jake & Kendra In Scene

"MIFFED: Agents, as I’m sure PG told you. The one on the right is Kendra and on the left is Phoebe. Jake’s about to place his order. Watch and learn, kid.
JAKE walks up to the counter and smiles at KENDRA and PHOEBE. It’s obvious he’s a regular. By now, it is only the agents and JAKE left in the building.
JAKE: I’ll have (pauses dramatically) The Usual.
KENDRA: Coming right up. Phoebe?
PHOEBE: I got it.
KENDRA: Can I help whoever’s next in line?
JAKE looks over his shoulder and frowns seeing as how there is no one behind him in line. He sidles over to the counter and watches while PHOEBE makes his drink. He starts talking to her.
JAKE: So, you work here long?
PHOEBE: A few months.

JAKE: You’ve made my drink everyday this week.
JAKE: You’re really good at your job.
JAKE: Hey, this is kind of off-topic, but do you know where I could buy some decent socks?
PHOEBE: Actually…
At that moment two more HENCHMEN (I’ve lost count by now) come charging into the shop in what must be an attempt to kidnap Jake (as previous scenes with Marrakesh would indicate). PHOEBE hands JAKE his drink and shoves him to the side and out of the way. MIFFED pulls a puggle out of her purse and sends it scampering over to JAKE. JAKE is immediately distracted and notices nothing of the intense fight going on around him.

As a last resort, KENDRA throws scalding hot coffee on both of the HENCHMEN. They’re incapacitated and fall to the ground in defeat. JAKE, sadly, is in the line of fire and his shirt is ruined. He turns his attention away from the puggle and, not thinking, he takes his shirt off. He suddenly feels self-conscious and throws an awkward look at the sign behind the counter, “No socks, no shirt, no service.” PHOEBE comes over and snatches his coffee cup away from him. The puggle comes trotting back over to MIFFED.
JAKE: I’m sorry! I’ll put my shirt back on!
KENDRA pulls an “Obey the Puggle” shirt from under the counter.
PHOEBE (still holding his drink): It’s OK; I’ll give this back to you when you're dressed.
KENDRA: Try this on for size.
JAKE puts it on and PHOEBE hands him his cup back.
JAKE: Thanks.
JAKE turns to KENDRA and nods.
JAKE: Kendra.
PHOEBE: She’s Kendra.
JAKE: No, I know. Phoebe.
KENDRA: No, she’s Phoebe.
JAKE: Right. That’s what I said. Phoebe.
KENDRA: No, I’m Kendra.
JAKE: No, I know you’re Kendra. And she’s Phoebe. And I’m Jake.
PHOEBE: Oh, is that your name?
JAKE: Thanks, girls. See you tomorrow!

KENDRA walks over and gives the postage shirt to MIFFED. A couple of customers come in, see the HENCHMEN lying on the floor, and simply step over them.
MIFFED: I’d better find a way to get rid of these guys.
KITTY looks thoughtfully out the window but jumps back when JAKE and a bunch of cyclists go whizzing by.
KITTY: Was that Lance Armstrong?
MIFFED rolls her eyes.
MIFFED: That’s the fifth time this week. The agent we put in his spa says you wouldn’t believe how in shape he is. It’s, like, inhuman.
KITTY (off in her own little world): How did he drink all that coffee so quickly? "


gr77 said...

"JAKE: I’ll have (pauses dramatically) The Usual"
i love that!!

Kendra said...

I wrote the "scalding hot coffee scene" part.

gr77 said...

i bet it was all done for the "takes his shirt off" part ;)

Kendra said...

^^You won the bet.