WEIRDLAND: Oscars 2007 Parade

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscars 2007 Parade


penny lane said...

Kendra, absolutely stunning pictures..!

Kendra said...

Thanks, it's time to have my breakfast!

gr77 said...

the awards were great this year.. from a fashion point of view ;)

Gwyneth,Reese and Maggie looked absolutely stunning!!
And Eva Green was her usual godess self.
I think Rachel Weisz's dress is amazing but her make-up is too harsh.
i must admit Ryan Gosling looked great at the Oscars.He's starting to grow on me :p

I'm disappointed at Kirsten's choice of dress.It's quite ugly imo.She could do so much better!!

Kendra said...

Rachel Weisz lipstick was a dark cherry tone, it's kind of a new trend?

I saw Ryan Gosling a bit sad, but maybe he missed Rachel at his side. His film "Half Nelson" release has been postponed -initially it was going to be on February, but now I'll have to wait until 20th April to watch it in a theatre! I already have a copy but without subtitles and it's laborous...

Kirsten's choice, well, the bottom of the dress makes it a bit stodgy, but she looked like very glamorous.

gr77 said...

the dark lipstick is definitely a trend for winter,i don't actually mind the lipstick on Rachel but the fact that she combined it with very dark eye should be either one ;)

it's funny you mention Half Nelson, Kendra.
I saw it tonight (I had to take extreme measures to find it as it's going to be screened here like..never!!).
It's a very sweet,simple,human film but i especially loved it for the trully flawless performance by Ryan Gosling.The little girl, Shareeka Epps, was very good too.

Kendra said...

I'm a defender of taking extreme measures in these cases ;)