WEIRDLAND: Spandex Loving Stops

Friday, February 02, 2007

Spandex Loving Stops

"While the gays were treated to a Brokeback Mountain-slash-Dreamgirls send-off during this weekend's Saturday Night Live, we're told a skit that the homo-inclined audience would've enjoyed much more never got off the ground.

As any casual Jake Gyllenhaal fan knows, he spends a lot of time with Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey. And Spandex. A SNL insider tells us cast members had been hoping to do a skit that featured Gyllenhaal cycling with his two "special friends" — but Jake quietly put the skit to bed without much argument. "He just didn't want to do it," tattles our source. "Part of it was that he thought it was lame, and probably felt a little uncomfortable. The other part had to do with the writing being unfunny."

In the end, however, Jake's Chelsea audience had to settle for him wearing his boyfriend's coat on TV to express his true love. Or at least they had to settle for speculation thereof."



penny lane said...

If this story is true, I say Jake is a smart man..!

gr77 said...

"his boyfriend's coat"?
i can't beleive i just read that!!

Anonymous said...

Believe it gr77, and the alleged BF is Chris according to them. sigh.

Kendra said...

Chris Fischer, Jake's "friend with benefits"?? And more: this another article they call Chris Jake's husband!!