WEIRDLAND: 5 top young stars, by Labeouf

Saturday, February 14, 2009

5 top young stars, by Labeouf

This is an old interview to Shia Labeouf by "Stumped Magazine" in 2007, but it brought on Shia's skills giving his particular "young stars" list and how he perceived himself part of the talented crème of young cinema blood:

LABEOUF: Exactly, so it’s not the same for me and Joe. Me and Joe aren’t personalities, so it’s different. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an actor’s actor. He’s an actor, but he’s darker at this point in his career and his choices and his path than I am.

CHRIS NEUMER: Are you just saying that because he’s played gay prostitutes and severe manic-depressives who need to be hospitalized? That’s a bold statement!

SHIA LABEOUF: It’s just different choices; you can’t put Joseph in a type. He’s an actor, but you can’t type him, which means he’s going to have longevity if he keeps that up.

SHIA LABEOUF: Right, again, there’s five of us, Joe, Me, Emile Hirsch, Jamie Bell, there’s a good group of actors.
The fifth would be [inaudible]. He would be the fifth; and we all go for the same stuff. We chase the same stuff. It’s competitive as hell. [note: I have no idea who LaBeouf is referencing here as the fifth actor.
It sounds like "Michael Air-uh-gan-oh"
Michael Angarano.

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