WEIRDLAND: Jake & Reese at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jake & Reese at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Jake and Reese attending and leaving the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, LA, on 22nd February, 2009.
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clairex said...

I'm glad they attended the Oscars, Jake was so elegant, and I quite like Reese's dress. Cute couple :)

Kendra said...

Me too, Claire!
Jake seemed a bit younger than in the Santa Barbara Film Festival - David Fincher Tribute. No Fedora here, and smiling with coyness ;) Reese wears a Rodarte ombré blue gown, I think that stylism is original and suits Reese (Rodarte is a Californian fashion label).

Anonymous said...

Some gorgeous pictures of the two of them! They both look great.
Wow Kendra, the Oscars sure gave you a lot of work! Hope you enjoyed yourself! X Penny Lane

Kendra said...

yes, Penny Lane, I enjoyed myself, although it was a bit messy focusing on the Oscar ceremony and updating the blog at the same time! But it was an insomniac funny night, I like following the behind-the-scenes and parties afterwards too! xx