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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Films that will define 2009

Jake Gyllenhaal in "The day after tomorrow".
2012 (Director: Roland Emmerich, ETA: 10th July)
What is it? End-of-the-world blockbuster set at the close of the Mayan calendar.
Why we’re excited: Because if there’s one thing that Roland Emmerich does well, it’s the apocalypse. From the trailer and description is sounds a lot like The Day After Tomorrow Mark II, but who cares? Big waves are awesome, and this time it’s got John Cusack in.
The Year One (Director: Harold Ramis, ETA: 24th July)
What is it? Biblical-era comedy with Jack Black and Michael Cera as travelling exiles.
Why we’re excited: Because as well as being everybody’s favourite Ghostbuster, Ramis is also a consistent and frequently superb comedy director. And because the potential for barbed bible gags recalls Life Of Brian. And because David Cross and Paul Rudd are listed in the credits as Caine and Abel.
GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra (Director: Stephen Sommers, ETA: 14th Aug)
What is it? Transformers-style live action reboot of a nostalgia-fuelled cartoon-cum-toy line.
Why we’re excited: Because the toys are ace. Because even though it was a while back The Mummy shows Sommers can balance action with unselfconscious fun. And because dressing Sienna Miller in dominatrix leather is A Good Idea.
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Director: Terry Gilliam, ETA: Sept)
What is it? A circus of imagination, fantasy and danger, featuring a magical looking glass that leads into other worlds. Why we’re excited: After Heath Ledger’s blockbuster-bossing turn in The Dark Knight there’s not a movie fan alive who doesn’t want to see what he did next, and how Gilliam’s production accommodated his sad departure. Here’s hoping we get a back-to-form Gilliam classic to see the Best Supporting Actor winner off in style.
Shutter Island (Director: Martin Scorsese, ETA: 23rd Oct)
What is it? Period crime drama about a US Marshal’s search for an escaped murderess.
Why we’re excited: Scorsese’s intitially bewildering pairing with DiCaprio improves with each outing, and Dennis Lehane – the author of the source novel – is all kinds of hot after the success of Gone Baby Gone.
The Box (Director: Richard Kelly, ETA: November)
What is it? Supernatural moral dilemma: a couple are given a box and told that pressing the button inside will make them rich, but also kill someone they don't know.
Why we’re excited: Because no-one can direct Donnie Darko and not have another great film in them. And because even if this is the stuff of recycled Twilight Zone episodes, it’s got Frank Langella in and he’s awesome.
Sherlock Holmes (Director: Guy Ritchie, ETA: November)
What is it? Reworking of the classic detective story, starring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.
Why we’re excited: Downey Jr has the right mix of elusive genius and fitful energy to nail Holmes dead on, while we're keen to see where Post-Madge Ritchie's head's at...
Surrogates (Director: Jonathan Mostow, ETA: 26th December)
What is it? Future-set murder mystery, with Bruce Willis as a cop investigating the murders of robots.
Why we’re excited: The Phillip K. Dick-style graphic novel source paints a grim and engaging future where humans are house-bound and interact only through robot middle-men (the surrogates of the title). As Twelve Monkeys and The Sixth Sense show, Willis is at his best when he’s playing against his star image in twisted genre setups.
Jennifer’s Body (Director: Karyn Kusama, ETA: 2009)
What is it? Comedy horror in which Megan Fox’s possessed cheerleader starts feeding on senior-year schoolboys.
Why we’re excited: After Juno, writer Diablo Cody is raging hot, and, as long as she doesn't stray from her proven expertise of chippy teen dialogue, there should be an interesting swerve on the usual Freudian swamp of sex and death horror.

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