WEIRDLAND: Free Bernie Madoff -Stephen Gyllenhaal

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Free Bernie Madoff -Stephen Gyllenhaal

"Let's face it. Our world economy is now a massive rolling deception game where the thieves who robbed us blind from the highest reaches of business and government have been allowed to keep right on doing it. Talk about chutzpah, Bernie! Six months ago they fueled their pyramids with our hard earned pension funds, speculative cash and the dismantlement of functioning companies. With all that gone they're now sweeping up our tax dollars like there's no tomorrow (which of course there won't be if this keeps going). At least if we let Bernie out we'll be honest with ourselves. We'll be admitting that we really do believe in thievery, that we respect it, honor it, pray that somehow miraculously it will work for us, at least for some of us".


Cantara said...

Thank you for posting the best part, the most COHERENT part, of Stephen's Huffington Post. You've just done what most people couldn't or wouldn't -- avoided the irrelevancy of his bad writing and brought attention to the important point he was making.

Kendra said...

thanks, Cantara, welcome to Weirdland!

It's just the main point that Stephen has brought out one of my usual conversations with my friends. In Spain our current goverment is a failure in pumping our recessive economy.

Cantara said...

It's been a long, long road from Franco. Are you old enough to remember those days?

Kendra said...

When dictator Franco was dead I was just two years old so I don't remember anything about his regime (fortunately!). Anyway, the last years under Franco's regime were relatively "soft".