WEIRDLAND: Joel Madden calls out to Emile Hirsch

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joel Madden calls out to Emile Hirsch

"Milk star Emile Hirsch leaves a late lunch date on Saturday afternoon (April 11) in Bel Air, Calif.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old actor and his girlfriend, student Brianna Domont, were seen getting a car wash. Check out Emile’s bright pink sneaker laces!

Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden recently called out to Emile to help raise awareness about the plight of child soldiers in war-torn African nations". 

"Joel Madden is asking his friend Emile Hirsch for a favor.

The Good Charlotte rocker is the latest celeb to post a video online as part of Invisible Children's campaign to bring awareness to kidnapped child soldiers in Uganda and the Congo. The non-profit organization is asking everyone across the country to upload video messages on YouTube, calling out their role models and favorite stars to participate in The Rescue: a worldwide, 100-city rally on April 25.
"We need you buddy," Madden, 30, says in the video. "Of all the people that I could think of, I thought Emile Hirsch – he actually really cares about Africa. He means it."

(There was no word on Hirsch's answer. Both the singer and actor have been to Africa for humanitarian work. Madden visited the Central African Republic for UNICEF's Tap Project, and Hirsch, 24, traveled to refugee camps in the Congo with Oxfam.)

The event, which will be held in nine countries, already has support from Kristen Bell and Kirsten Dunst. The two, who will both attend the Los Angeles rally, made video pleas to the Gossip Girl cast and Ellen DeGeneres, respectively, to come out and join them. Ryan Gosling will make an appearance in New York and Pete Wentz is expected in Washington, D.C".


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