WEIRDLAND: LA Corps 23rd Anniversary

Saturday, April 18, 2009

LA Corps 23rd Anniversary

Jake attending Los Angeles Conservation Corps 23rd Anniversary Luncheon, on 16th April, 2009, in L.A.
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Also, check out these "Earth Day" Must-See movies:

An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore won an Oscar for this doc that is widely credited with bringing global warming to the masses.

11th Hour
Leonardo DiCaprio shows his heart in producing and narrating this documentary that takes An Inconvenient Truth and takes the global warming exploration further.

The Day After Tomorrow
The second of the Hollywood generated global warming tales. Jake Gyllenhaal and Dennis Quaid star as father and son caught in an epic climate change film that took the natural disaster genre into the post-Earth Day era.

An Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature in 2009 is the minutest of reasons to witness Wall-E this Earth Day.

Pixar’s wizards paint a world in which humans have deserted the earth because of the ravages of overpopulation on the planet’s resources. In the metallic hands of a robot named Wall-E, American finds a hero for the climate changing cause in the most unlikely of places. Equally a love story, a children’s film and an environmental message piece, Wall-E is the quintessential escapism that makes you think". 

"River Phoenix was into the safety and ethical treatment of all animals.
Joaquin is also known for his work as a social activist, particularly as an advocate for animal rights.

I’d like to fight for my right to not have to witness anymore of his wacky tantrums and horrible attempting-to-rap performances".

Kristen Stewart posing next to a big green tree.

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