WEIRDLAND: The Times of Harvey Milk review

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Times of Harvey Milk review

"Milk's ambition, drive, guile, and sexual orientation put him on a collision course with almost creepily wholesome-seeming fellow supervisor and former boxer, fireman, and police officer Dan White, a real-life version of the all-American, baby-faced sniper in Targets. Enraged that Mayor George Moscone wouldn't allow him to return to office after he abruptly resigned, White killed Moscone and Milk, then got off with a manslaughter conviction amid what became known as "the Twinkie defense," which used a diet heavy on junk food as evidence that White wasn't in his right mind. White is such a perversely fascinating figure that The Times Of Harvey Milk doesn't seem to deal with him or his much-publicized trial as extensively as it should. Fortunately, the double-disc set compensates with hours of bonus material that delves deeper into various aspects of his life and career".

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