WEIRDLAND: Woodstock vibes

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Woodstock vibes

"Emile Hirsch, who plays skateboarder Jay Adams in the movie, gets ready to demonstrate one of his key moves. "Mike!" he yells to co-star Michael Angarano as he attempts to slide his skateboard across a narrow metal rail and then land with his feet on the board. "This is what I spent years working on."

"Or not," Hirsch concludes as he botches the landing.

The ultra-relaxed on-set vibe helped.

"Heath doesn't hide out in his dressing room," Alva says. "He built a camouflage tent, we had easy chairs, bongos, acoustic guitars, all the cutest chicks on the set."

Hirsch adds with an appreciative laugh: "It was like Woodstock."

The guys had skate doubles and play down any skating-related injuries, but the most serious one befell director Catherine Hardwicke, who fell and fractured the orbital bone in her face. "And I pulled my back during training. It got inflamed," Hirsch says.

Ledger adds with a grin, "And I broke a nail."

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