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Monday, September 28, 2009

Beddable hotness

Twilight Movie Bella's Purple Comforter Set.

"Do you dream of having a bedroom like Edward's or Bella's from the Twilight and New Moon movies? Bella's purple bedding set from the Twilight movie is still available, but there are only a few left and it is becoming almost impossible to find. This is just like Bella's comforter in the Twilight movie and upcoming New Moon movie and is completely sold out in stores! Get inspired by the Twilight movie and redecorate your bedroom exactly like Bella Swan or Edward Cullen! You'll find some great ideas here, plus, furniture, bedding, art and movie replica decor. Bella's bedroom in the Twilight movie has a lot of charm with the color scheme and mismatched furniture. Edward's bedroom is white on white with gray, complemented with natural wood tones and vintage pieces throughout".

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