WEIRDLAND: Reese in "S.F.W." by Jefery Levy

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reese in "S.F.W." by Jefery Levy

Talking about Reese, I kind of miss her early edgy roles in audacious films with modest budgets, as in "S.F.W." (1994), "Freeway" (1996) or "Election" (1999).In "S.F.W." (So Fucking What?) Reese played Wendy Pfister, Stephen Dorff character's bourgeois love interest, whom he meets while they are being held hostages in a convenience store by terrorists for 36 days, while it's broadcasted through national TV-stations.

Jefery Levy, director of "S.F.W." (based on
Andrew Wellman's novel "The Madison Heights Syndrome") wrote in his Facebook page that I had made "a great job with the music on this homage". Jefery sent me this message: "Your youtube homage to it is awesome. As you know there are lots and lots of other people that feel the same way about the film. I apologize for making it 15 years too early!"

If you have watched the movie, there is a hilarious scene between Cliff Spab (Stephen Dorff) and two stoned teenage boys (in full Beavis and Butthead fashion) played by Dana Allan Young and Tobey Maguire. Dana Allan Young also messaged me through my Youtube account, saying to me: "God bless you! thanks for this video!!". Such a nice guy, he's a musician and I'm friends with his band
in Myspace.

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