WEIRDLAND: Cinematical Preview of "The Prince of Persia"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Cinematical Preview of "The Prince of Persia"

"According to dialogue and voiceover narration, the film essentially follows the Prince as he discovers and protects a sword that can literally turn back time; after several bullet-time sequences where Gyllenhaal transforms into a golden statue (well, more golden than normal), villain Ben Kingsley confesses that he wants to take control of the weapon in order to destroy the world, or control it, or something.
As a bona fide tentpole movie, Prince of Persia possesses all of the same qualities that made Bruckheimer's previous fantasy franchise, The Pirates of the Caribbean, a success: breathtaking action, international intrigue, a roguish hero, and an attractive heroine. "We took our time developing it", Bruckheimer said casually. "Over a number of years we developed it and worked with it and the writers until we got to a place where we felt we really had a good screenplay. That's the key, telling a good story... I think that's the key to our success. Create interesting characters, create romance, create action, have you care about the characters, and put them in very dramatic situations. That's what we've done, with Jordan's help." Source:


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