WEIRDLAND: Glamour's 30 Sexiest Under 30

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Glamour's 30 Sexiest Under 30

Glamour Magazine's 30 Sexiest Under-30 list:

30. Name: Hayden Christensen
Born: 1981
Why They're Sexy: We had a crush on Hayden as soon as he hit screens as the good-gone-bad Jedi in Star Wars. Since then he’s wiggled his way onto the A-list in many ‘a leading man spot – and off-screen he’s had quite a string of beauties...

29. Name: AnnaLynne McCord
Born: 1987
Why They’re Sexy: It takes a lot of guts to work the ‘80s trend these days, let alone pull it off. This blonde bombshell will quite happily squeeze herself into a Hervé Leger dress for just about any occasion!
28. Name: Ashley Greene
Born: 1987
Why They’re Sexy: Before becoming an actress, Ashley was told she could never be a model because she wasn't tall enough. All we can say is good things come in small packages...
27. Name: Ashley Tisdale
Born: 1985
Why They’re Sexy: Anything but sickly sweet, Ashley was the mean girl in High School Musical - and we all wanted to be in her gang.
26. Name: Jake Gyllenhaal
Born: 1980
Why They’re Sexy: One of the few stars that can actually get away with facial hair, Jake’s never off our radar. Or Reese Witherspoon’s. Grrrrr.
25. Name: Emma Watson
Born: 1990
Why They’re Sexy: No wonder Burberry picked Emma to be their new face - the actress even manages to make her Hogwarts uniform look fashionable.
23. Name: Cam Gigandet
Born: 1982
Why They’re Sexy: Cam’s abs momentarily took our attention away from Robert Pattinson in Twilight. Plus, since the birth of his daughter Everleigh, we vote him Hollywood’s sexiest new dad.
22. Name: Chris Pine
Born: 1980
Why They're Sexy: Back in the 60s Star Trek fans thought their Captain Kirk (William Shatner) was hot. WRONG. We’re the lucky ones with the 00s Kirk brimming with all that is hot and delicious in a man. Great body, great actor and if you ever wondered if you can have sexy can!
21. Name: Evan Rachel Wood
Born: 1987
Why They’re Sexy: There’s something mysterious about this sassy redhead, or at least something that attracts older men. Any girl who’s dated Marilyn Manson and Mickey Rourke gets our respect, (although rather you than us Rachel).
20. Name: Sienna Miller
Born: 1981
Why They're Sexy: Sienna started stealing the hearts of men as a model from an early age, starting with Jude Law and swiftly working her way into Hollywoodland. She is a true English rose and a trendsetter to boot. Women remain divided on Sienna but men seem to have clear feelings...
19. Name: Justin Timberlake
Born: 1981
Why They’re Sexy: JT started off as your classic boy band fodder (with very bad hair, may we add) but then he showed us his dance moves and invested in a seriously impressive wardrobe - and truly brought sexy back.
17. Name: Amanda Seyfried
Born: 1985
Why They're Sexy: The Mamma Mia star ticks all the boxes for ‘sexy’ – great figure, body-beautiful blonde hair and big blue eyes – oh yes and she snogged Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body. Nuff said. Sexy it is!
16. Name: Ben Barnes
Born: 1981
Why They're Sexy: Oh lord – how excited are we about this one? Fresh on the scene Ben is an instant hit with the team. It could be the fact that he’s portrayed a prince (long hair, sword) and Dorian Gray (the most beautiful man in the world) that helps significantly, but we see a massive future for Ben.
15. Name: Ed Westwick
Born: 1987
Why They’re Sexy: This British actor works brooding, dark and dangerous. Works for us.
14. Name: Freida Pinto
Born: 1984
Why They’re Sexy: Freida’s subtle beauty has already entranced Woody Allen, who’s made her his latest muse, and Dev Patel, who’s made her his girlfriend.
13. Name: Zooey Deschanel
Born: 1980
Why They're Sexy: She could be the new indie-boy’s crumpet – or maybe she’ll breakout the mainstream, either way she’s got ‘quirky/cute’ covered and we’re excited to see where this will go for the pretty brunette.
11. Name: Leighton Meester
Born: 1986
Why They’re Sexy: Leighton might not be as overtly sexual as some of her Gossip Girl co-stars, but her broad smile and natural beauty endear her to men and women alike.
9. Name: Jessica Alba
Born: 1981
Why They’re Sexy: The Fantastic Four actress is renowned for having Latino curves in all the right places. She gave birth to daughter Honor Rose last year and motherhood seems to have made her all the more sexier. Go Jessica!
8. Name: Taylor Lautner
Born: 1992
Why They’re Sexy: Taylor went from high school-er to hunk last year, beefing up a massive 30lbs of pure muscle to secure the part of Jacob in New Moon. We’re SO not complaining.
7. Name: Shia LaBeouf
Born: 1986
Why They're Sexy: Ok, so he’s not your archetypal ‘pr
etty boy’ – but that Shia sure is a charmer! Oozing charisma and character that puts him up there with the god-like types of Zac and R-Patz in our eyes, we can’t wait for our next big screen fix of this hottie.
6. Name: Scarlett Johansson
Born: 1984
Why They're Sexy: What isn’t sexy about Scarlett? She made it ok for girls to have curves again, she bought the concept of talent back into the acting arena, she was indie-magic-made-Hollywood A-list, she’s beautiful, smart. Yup - it’s a girl crush.
5. Name: Vanessa Hudgens
Born: 1988
Why They’re Sexy: Vanessa is one half of Hollywood's cutest couple just don't mention those internet pictures
4. Name: Kristen Stewart
Born: 1990
Why They’re Sexy: She may be a hot, young thing, but this actress doesn’t play by the Hollywood rules. Whether it’s wearing Converse trainers on the red carpet or refusing to conform to a squeaky-clean stereotype, K-Stew does things her way and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

3. Name: Zac Efron
Born: 1987
Why They're Sexy: Possibly the hottest thing to ever emerge from the Disney staple, Zac is not only the number one heartthrob for teenagers but he has us older gals all of a flutter too. Is it the hair, the pretty face, the great body or the ridiculously ‘nice boy’ persona? Who cares – we think we love him.
2. Name: Megan Fox
Born: 1986
Why They're Sexy: Erm – have you seen Megan Fox? Fox stands for Foxy. This outspoken lass has topped every Sexiest Woman list known to man over the last year. She’s all woman and we kinda think she knows it. Seems to be working...
1. Name: Robert Pattinson
Born: 1986
Why They’re Sexy: R-Patz has the face of a Greek God but none of the arrogance that goes with it. Millions of teenage girls can’t be wrong".


rosadimaggio63 said...

Grrrr... grande errore della communità on-line....JGy meriterebbe for me, il number ONE and not 26....
no ?????????????

Kendra said...

Of course Jake is our #1, Rosa, although Pattinson seems to occupy the throne of heartthrobs now in every list made, haha!