WEIRDLAND: Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess in "Upside Down"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess in "Upside Down"

Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst spotted together in New York, on 30th September 2009, picture courtesy of

"I’ve been keeping an eye on Juan Diego Solanas‘ surreal-sounding sci-fi story Upside Down for a while now. The picture has been in development with Onyx films and Studio 37 for a good while, and has never quite got off of the starting blocks - perhaps due to its mind boggling central concept.
Kirsten Dunst has been in talks to star for some months, I believe, but the news that Jim Sturgess will be taking on the male lead comes after earlier reports that Emile Hirsch was negotiating for the role. (Note from Weirdland: I'd prefer Emile, but this guy Sturgess seems fine for the role).Here’s an official synopsis for the film from the 2009 European Film Market Brochure:

Look up towards the sky and rub your eyes because you won’t believe what you see: cities, forests, and oceans with their own inverted gravity, only an arm’s length away, yet completely unreachable. Take a leap over to this alternate reality, two worlds – one above, one below? facing each other, and you’ll land in the extraordinary world of "Upside Down".


Diane said...

Coming next to theaters in 2010, Jim Sturgess stars in the enigmatic Philip Ridley's "Heartless" and the acclaimed Peter Weir's "The Way Back." He's on the rise and an amazing actor. :) Diane (Co-webmistress Jim Sturgess Online)

Kendra said...

welcome to Weirdland, Diane!!

It's true Jim Sturgess is being acclaimed by critics and he's choosing very good roles (I always follow Weir's films) and Jim stood out as actor in singer in "Across the Universe" with Evan Rachel Wood, so I hope this project is materialized soon and he makes a great pairing with Kirsten Dunst, the plot sounds promising!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra,
la foto del prmo piano della Kirsten Dunst è veramente fantastica !!
Amo tutto di questa attrice veramente talentuosa.-
Jake torna da lei !!!

Kendra said...

Kirsten es bellissima, and as you point out, Rosa, very talented to boot, she and Jake together were a striking couple :)