WEIRDLAND: Loss of Moustache

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Loss of Moustache

Emile Hirsch sporting a moustache at VH1's 14th Critics Choice Awards, on 8th January, 2009, Santa Monica.

"If you didn't know anything about Steven Soderbergh’s “The Informant!” which opened last month, you could at least deduce from the poster that it was a comedy. Just above Matt Damon’s popped-open mouth sits a large brown mustache. It looks like a caterpillar. Even if “The Informant!” were the most serious movie ever made, that mustache would be funny.When Jake Gyllenhaal shows up in the latter half of “Brokeback Mountain” in a mustache, he’s trying to wear it for real. He’s supposed to be a cowboy. But every time I saw the movie, the audience laughed. Gyllenhaal was a metrosexual in mustache drag, and they knew it.

This is, sadly, our loss. Without the mustache, we’ve lost a whole language of facial hair - the sleek pencil mustache, the villainous curl".

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