WEIRDLAND: Matilda Ledger's first school day

Monday, October 26, 2009

Matilda Ledger's first school day

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda, who turns 4 on Wednesday, were spotted arriving at JFK airport in New York City on Saturday (October 24). Source:

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Ledger before taking a flight at LAX airport, on 23rd October 2009. Pictures by

"And dating with a kid? "I obviously don't know how to do it." But she's not complaining. "I'm falling more and more in love with her," she says of Matilda, "and I think she deserves the bulk of my attention. We're lucky. I can work. She can go to a good school. There's a lot there for her. And she can know her dad in so many ways, and so many of his friends who will be able to tell her so many stories. His friends, his family—they were a big part of his life, and they will be a big part of her life". Source:

Michelle Williams still misses Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams Showbiz Report video


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda very beautiful :-)

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Kendra,
volevo porti questa domanda :
" Jake G. è il padrino di Matilda, ma non vediamo mai foto di lui con la piccola Matilda, ma soltanto con i figli di Reese.-
Come mai ? Non segue più la piccola Matilda dopo la morte di Heat ? "

Kendra said...

It's a delicate subject, Rosa, obviously aggravated by Heath Ledger's disappearance from Jake's life but I guess during "Brokeback Mountain" he was good friends with Heath and Michelle (although they split up as couple), remember that Jake vowed: 'I'll always be there for Matilda' so Michelle knows Jake is a kind guy and he would be a useful godfather if Michelle needed him in some occasion.