WEIRDLAND: Cherie Currie being true to herself - "The Runawys" new stills

Monday, April 12, 2010

Cherie Currie being true to herself - "The Runawys" new stills

Cherie Currie showing a cherry tattoo on her shoulder.

PRESS: What was your reaction to hearing that Dakota Fanning was going to be cast to play you in the film?

CURRIE: I almost hit the ground. My knees literally buckled. I screamed, I screamed and danced around like a crazy person, and broke into tears. I couldn’t believe it because she is really my favorite actress of all time. It was the happiest day of my life, besides the birth of my son.

PRESS: So are you pleased with how the film [turned out]?

CURRIE: Dakota, Kristen, Michael … I mean, the acting is phenomenal. It’s beautifully shot. Of course, you know, I lived it. It was two years of hell and triumph and all that, and how do you possibly put that into an hour and a half? You can’t. It really could have been an epic. It could’ve been like the Twilight series, you know, The Runaways series. (Laughs.) It could have.
PRESS: One of the scenes that really struck me in the movie was when the rest of the band got angry at Cherie for taking those provocative magazine pictures, even though Kim had tricked her into it. How can female artists gain respect for their music, while still embracing and owning their sexuality, which is part of their image and power?

CURRIE: Well, I think the only way that you could do that is to be true to yourself. If that’s what you reflect naturally, if that’s who you are naturally, the truth cannot be denied. The people that go out there and pretend - it’s a joke. You can tell someone who isn’t true to themselves right off the bat".

New stills of Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart in "The Runaways".

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