WEIRDLAND: Jerry Bruckheimer, a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jerry Bruckheimer, a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal

Publicity stills of "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" with Jake Gyllenhaal & Gemma Arterton.

Q: A lot of people do not see Jake Gyllenhaal as the leading man for this film. What did you see in him for the role of the Prince?

Jerry Bruckheimer: For a start he is a wonderful actor and he is very handsome. We have done this with so many actors. Will Smith in “Bad Boys”, he was seen as a comedic actor. Nicolas Cage in “Con Air”. He had always played various characters but was never an action hero until that and “The Rock”. I’m a fan of certain actors and Jake is one of them.

Q: Was there something specific about Gemma Arterton that you chose her to play Tamina as opposed to an established actress?
Jerry Bruckheimer: We tested a lot of young actresses and she was by far the most interesting. It sometimes just happens that way.


Gail said...

Hi Kendra, I hope you are doing good today. I am going to try this again, because I wrote a message yesterday about Kirsten. It never got posted I might have done something wrong. But I was glad to see her looking so happy and healthy looking. I wish her the best. Loving all the new stuff about Jake. And Maggie and Ramona out yesterday.. So cute those two.. ooxxox Hugs

Kendra said...

I just came back from my therapy session, Gail, and I've submitted a new post with some pictures of Maggie & Ramona, and a new photoshoot with Maggie (classy & stylish)