WEIRDLAND: Denise Richards ("Pretty Mama") video

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Denise Richards ("Pretty Mama") video

Denise Richards ("Pretty Mama"), Happy Mother's Day to Denise and her daughters Lola and Sam!

Pictures of Denise Richards with ex-husband Charlie Sheen (Scary Movie), Neve Campbell (Wild Things), Pierce Brosnan (The World Is Not Enough), Olivia Munn, Kat Von D, Dita von Teese, Richie Sambora, Nikki Sixx, Cougars Inc. etc. Songs "Yama Yama Pretty Mama" by Richard Berry, "Mama's Got The Catfish Blues" by Tom T. Hall, "TV Mama" By Flat Duo Jets and "Mama's Baby" by Johnny Cash

"Well I got a five foot baby
Cutest thing you'll ever see
Heart full of lovin' an' it's all for me"
"Well she got a smile
Make you do-oo-o anything
Sparkle in her eye begats a diamond ring"
"Well all the cats talk about
Their girls so fine
Wait a minute boy till you see mine"
"Yama yama pretty mama, yama yama pretty mama,
Yama yama yama yama yama yama
Pretty mama you look good to me"

"YAMA YAMA PRETTY MAMA" (Richard Berry - 1956)

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