WEIRDLAND: Megan Fox wants to play "Carrie" in Stephen King's remake

Monday, May 23, 2011

Megan Fox wants to play "Carrie" in Stephen King's remake

Megan Fox in her prom scene in "Jennifer's Body" looking like actress Cissy Spacek in "Carrie", one of writer Diablo Cody's favorite horror movies.

"It was announced last week that MGM is moving forward on a planned remake of Stephen King's Carrie, with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa penning a screenplay that will remain truer to the novel than Brian De Palma's 1976 adaptation did.
Today, it has been revealed that Megan Fox, despite being one of the most attractive women on the planet and twenty-five years old, is actively pursuing the lead character of Carrie, a homely picked-upon high school outcast. Casting that will surely have Stephen King rolling over in his customized, California King-sized casket that he uses as a bed. The actress doesn't think that her looks or age will stand in the way of her landing the role.
Megan Fox as Lily in "Passion Play" (2010)

Here is what an insider close to the actress had to say:
"Megan is a huge fan of the original and would love the chance to play the lead. She's 25 now but she's sure she could still do justice to teenage Carrie. She's told her people to make it happen."
The same source goes onto claim that Megan Fox is seeking the lead in Carrie to distance herself from her Transformers persona. That is why she has been adamant about turning down the role of Wonder Woman in a theatrical version of the DC Comics character". Source:

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