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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Poker Face: Gene Kelly in "On the Town", Poker Games Online

Vera-Ellen and Gene Kelly in "On the Town" (1949) directed by Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen

Gene Kelly puts on a poker face when he's paired with Alice Pearce in a scene from "On The Town"

"We sailed the seas and played a bit of poker way in Mandalay,
We've walked the streets till the night was over,
And we can safely say, the most fabulous sight is New York.
In the light of day, our only day. New York, New York, it's a wonderful town" -"New York, New York (It's a Helluva Town)", "On the Town" opening number

"This film was a milestone," Gene Kelly said in 1977. "It was the first musical to be shot on location. We took the musical off the sound stage and showed that it could be realistic."

"Every time I hit Las Vegas take a good look at it just to make sure it's still there" -"The Prowler" (1951) directed by Joseph Losey

Officer Webb Garwood (Van Heflin) returns to Susan Gilvray's (Evelyn Keyes) residence initiating a romantic relationship game. With no prowler in sight, a looming Californian hacienda in front of him and a beautiful woman alone inside, Garwood decides to take on the titular role without even changing out of his uniform.

He and Susan reunite and Webb pledges both innocence and love. The couple gets married. Webb quits the police department and fulfills his dream: buying a truck stop motel next to a busy freeway in Las Vegas, Nevada! Garwood believes that his ship has finally come in. A closer view reveals that Webb's ambition isn't a gold bargain.

Susan Sarandon received her first Oscar nomination for playing croupier Sally Matthews, in "Atlantic City" (1980) directed by Louis Malle, who handles poker chips with aspirations to become a blackjack dealer and move to Monte Carlo.

In "Casino Royale" (2006) there are thrilling adventures and romance amidst rounds of poker culminating in an engrossing high-stakes poker game in Montenegro. “Money Penny” Lynd (Eva Green) assists James bluffing her way through poker and later a love story.

If you want to play online poker you'll enjoy your favorite poker and casino games withouth limitations, using the possibility of downloading software for playing poker in your computer and catching up with international poker events.

Connecting online you can learn how to play poker: a wide variety of poker games including No Limit, Pot Limit, as well as varieties of Omaha, Stud and Razz, and you'll find the first interactive gaming site where players can enter a poker tournament, while they see (poker face to poker face), hear and talk to each other, competing for cash and prizes.


Becca said...

Check out this Jake Gyllanhaal look-alike! He's in a YouTube movie that kind of abit Fight Club and abit Inception. His HOT!!!

Kendra said...

that actor looks a bit like Jake, but not nearly so gorgeous, thanks for the link, Becca!